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Be thankful everyday!

Yeah so it’s thanksgiving. It’s the easiest day to remind yourself what you’re grateful for. But the problem is most people at best will just spend a couple of minutes thinking about what they are thankful for and not give it any thought for the rest of the year. It’s mind baffling actually. We are so busy running around and doing the same thing over and over again we forget to stop and think. We need to remember that we are still human and that tomorrow is not promised. We are stuck in this social media reality, that isn't a real reality. It is so crazy to me that all Black Friday deals have started on thanksgiving now. Well this year is an exception because of Covid almost all “sales” have already started. But what are you grateful for what are you truly grateful for. Have you ever sat down and made a list? There are soooooo many things to be grateful for. My eyes, and being able to read this, my fingers that are able to type this, silly little small things that are actually a huge deal. Do you ever just stop and express gratitude? The biggest thing about expressing gratitude is there’s no room for being sad or feeling like you’re missing out because you’re grateful for what you have. Do you really need the new iPhone that just launched? Or does your phone work just fine? What are you chasing? Are you chasing status? Are you chasing someone’s attention? Whatever your chasing it’s a waste of time honestly. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for and make a list of why you need the new iPhone. I can tell you it will seem insignificant once you realize how much you actually have. The problem is we are so stuck in this technological social media world where nothing is rational and nothing is real. Spending money won’t make you happy. Looking cool won’t make you happy. Creating these fake scenarios and fake personas won’t get you out of your depression. But you know what will help and not make it worse, living in this moment right now. Realizing all the amazing things and people around you right now in this present moment. It helps you not sweat the little crap. The only thing that truly matters is your loved ones and being there for eachother. Make sure to check on the people you love. Anyways I have a challenge for you. For the rest of the year send yourself a daily text stating one thing that you’re grateful for. And when you’re feeling down or just blah then go back and re-read all the stuff you are grateful for. I swear it will lift your mood, even if it's just a little bit. It can be anything that you’re grateful for the only condition is it has to be at least one thing and something different every day.

Thank you for listening,

<3 Mariam

Peace, Love, and Gratitude

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